Short Term 12

In my wait to see Room, the movie for which the lead actress in both Room and the movie which I’ll be talking about today, Short Term 12, Brie Larson has garnered some major award buzz this year, I found out about Short Term 12, which is this gem of a movie, that I believe is really under-noticed and leaves you feeling warm inside.

At the very basic, Short Term 12 is a story about a home for at-risk teens. But, writer-director Destin Daniel Cretton infuses humane, interesting, deep and disturbed characters who with their own individual stories which come together to form one beautiful story. Linking the characters by the problems that they face and their fear of the past making them run from their future.

Cretton ensures that you don’t get bored with endless technicalities about the rules and the drama and fuss over them, with some brilliant, entertaining and funny dialogue.

Although a bit predictable, but in a movie like this, it isn’t about knowing the story or what happens next but just seeing it unfold on screen with the eccentricities and in ways that is what transforms this would-be-sob-fest-drama into something entertaining, that does what is needed most, gets the message across without being too preachy.

It’s the actors though who truly do  justice to moments of joy and brilliance that this film delivers. Brie Larson in the role that had generated its fair share of Oscar buzz but couldn’t get her to the position where she is this year. Keith Stanfield gives a career making performance in his debut feature, with probably one of the movie’s most powerful moments being delivered by him through a rap song. Kaitlyn Dever’s performance too is something to look out for. With John Gallagher Jr., Stephanie Beatriz and Rami Malek filling in some supporting roles, this movie deserves to be seen.

See Short Term 12, and you’ll love it. It might not be epic, it might not be a “masterpiece” but you’ll love it.


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