The 13th

Brilliantly written and directed, it is the other areas of this film that drag it down.

The 13th

The 13th is a suspense short film, by up and coming director and writer Syed Shadan, whose earlier work, The Permanent Job too was pulsating and thrilling! Shadan’s passion for this project is evident from the superb direction and the well written script of this film. A well made production design that aptly used the resources in hand too is extremely commendable. It syncs in well with the whole film, and adds to the aura of empty-spookiness.

The dialogue delivery by the actors varies from time to time, sometimes, it’s extremely good, the emotions being truly felt by the on-looker. However at times, they are a bit cheesy, which acts as the slight breath of air that manages to break the house of cards that suspense is.

The editing is choppy, and there are very frequent cuts between the dialogue that do not let the suspense build up as well as it could have. The cinematography on the other hand is brilliant! The “shaky camera” scene where the actor is dizzy successfully manages to make the audience’s head spin as well.

The film has a great background score, however, during the first act of the film, it seems out of touch with the emotions being portrayed, the conversation going on and the whole film in general. However, later on the music does a good job of filling up the emptiness that the despair or its two main actors is!

All in all, it’s a great effort, from a director who you should keep your eyes on for the future, ’cause he has some big projects coming up!


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