This Movie’s Here To Make You Smile… And Stuff… : Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

The true beauty of “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” lies in its self-realization. For many a movie, two roads diverge into a yellow wood, and unfortunately they cannot travel both. The road the movies chooses can lead it to extremes, either a brilliant film or a film sitting through which would be torture for its viewer. Luckily SPvTW takes the right path.

1-2-3-4 Go! Bang Bang Whoosh Whoosh!

1-2-3-4 Go! Bang Bang Whoosh Whoosh!

The quirky characters who’re extremely stereotyped, yet seem to break all stereotypes only increase the “epic epicness” of this journey. There’s Michael Cera, playing the titular character Scott Pilgrim, who’s the typical (or maybe stereo-typical) 22-year-old, who’s just been dumped. He plays this role with great gusto. He is un-sure of himself, immature and on a fun-filled, sometimes surreal journey, to find his way. The female lead, is Scott Pilgrim’s supposedly “out-of-his-league” love interest, Ramona Flowers (whose hair reminds you of Kate Winslet, from Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind) played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead in a powerful performance that is perhaps the best of her career until now!

Screenshot (148)

Among the supporting cast which comprises of some splendid performances by Alison Pill, Ellen Wong and Mark Webber and Chris Evans, the ones that really stand out are Kieran Culkin who delivers the best performance in the film, as Scott’s 25 year-old gay best friend and room-mate; and Jason Schwartzman.

Edgar Wright performs fantastically behind the camera, for it required a special kind of insanity to make such a film! Michael Bachall gives a stunning screenplay which leaves you amazed with the great comedy like his earlier work, “21 Jump Street”.

They remind me of Jenko and Schmidt from 22JS

They remind me of Jenko and Schmidt from Jump Street

It is however the cinematography by Bill Pope, that breathes a new life into the film. His intricate filming of the well choreographed action sequences and the aestheticization of many sequences make the film a dish to relish!

Screenshot (151)

The one-lines are certain jokes could have seemed “lame” but the brilliant performance by the actors and the handling of the situation by Edgar Wright prevented that from tainting this beautiful film.

There’re mixed feeling about this film in the general public, but it is indeed a feel-good film that you simply need to enjoy.


5 thoughts on “This Movie’s Here To Make You Smile… And Stuff… : Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

    • I unfortunately haven’t seen too many of his films… but Scott Pilgrim showed that he is indeed a great actor!
      By The Way, How’d you land up at this blog?


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