Before Sunset

It seems that whatever the genius, Richard Linklater, creates, is bound to be beautiful…


Before Sunset is an extremely remarkable achievement in the field of cinema. Completely honest and riveting, It continues the conversation of its predecessor (Before Sunrise), nine years down the line. Their personalities have changed and they aren’t the full-eyed puppyish lovers they were. But the passion is still there. Before Sunset retains most of what was engaging about the first movie, it has its gentleness, its romanticism and its idealism

Before Sunset has set benchmarks with its technical skill.

It is not easy to shoot a take that is six or seven minutes long, not easy for actors to walk through a real city while dealing with dialogue that has been scripted but must sound natural and spontaneous. Yet we accept, almost at once, that this conversation is really happening. Yet one cannot sense any contrivance or technical difficulty. Hawke and Delpy wrote the screenplay themselves, beginning from the characters and dialogue created the first time around by Linklater and Kim Krazan. They lead up to personal details very delicately; at the beginning they talk politely and in abstractions, edging around the topics we (and they) want answers to: Is either one married? Are they happy? Do they still feel that deep attraction? And most importantly…

Were they intended to spend their lives together?


The screenplay rambling, yet self-conscious, and at times it has the self-important sound of clever writing.

Linklater once again puts forward a marvellous directorial effort. He lets the scene speak for itself and what a speech it makes. The acting this time is much more mature and quite honestly it’s pleasure watching them them talk and argue as it all boils down to a terrific ending. Though a few may feel its a bit too open ended, it is one of the most memorable and well-conceived ending. You have to be patient, yes. But in the end your patience is rewarded. Before Sunset is almost the perfect sequel. Despite answering your questions, it still keeps you in the dark. Linklater,Hawke and Delpy put their heart and soul into the film and what they produce is one of the greatest films of the century.


5 thoughts on “Before Sunset

    • Thanks for reading!! 🙂
      I’ve also uploaded the reviews to both its prequel and sequel, so do check ’em out too!
      And Linklater is a genius, no doubt, I’m really disappointed in the AMPAS (I already was but this year…..) if not best pic or best screenplay, at least the Best Director should’ve gone to him!

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  1. Even though I agree that Richard Linklater deserved an Oscar for Boyhood I have to say in this movie his direction was to put it simply bad. And the acting was pathetic. Ps: I absolutely love your site and the quality of your writing

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