What Was That? : Man of Steel

I wouldn’t call myself a superhero movie fan. I don’t read comics. I hardly ever care to get into any of the arguments surrounding what’s coming up next in a franchise of what happens next. In fact that is what I hate about superhero movies! There’s just so much buzz about them online and then what happens next? As Jason Statham said you could put his grandma in tights with a cape and a CGI loaded film would be the resultant “Block-Buster”!

Screenshot (145)

This Scene Sums Up The Argument Against Excessive and Un-necessary Special Effects/

The factors the made me waste my time on this film were, for starters Amy Adams. She is simply one of the best actors in Hollywood today and she showed her acting prowess by making every frame she was in, better. Another reason that led me to see Man of Steel was that it was the first film in the DC Cinematic Universe which will be bringing “Suicide Squad” to us next year.

With all the positives in the film exhausted it’s time to move on to the reasons as to why it was complete torture.

Screenshot (141)

Is That An Attempt At A #Duckface?

Henry Cavill’s performance as a “dark” Superman was a shot at territory uncharted on film for this particular character. It was, for the lack of a better word, lackluster and uninspiring! Michael Shannon does a half decent job as the antagonist General Zod, he did some good acting, but it’s the script that let him down. Russell Crowe too suffered because of bad dialogues, which unfortunately his acting couldn’t cover up for.

It is hard to believe that Christopher Nolan was the writer for this film! Man of Steel didn’t have any of the factors that make Nolan’s films so great. No “mind-numbing” twists, nothing.

Screenshot (130)

The cinematography too lets the film down. I knew I was in for a “darker” version of the classic superhero when I saw the opening with that Warner Brothers Logo, but the dark, “grey” tone of the film doesn’t bind well with the overall story and makes it a bit uncomfortable to watch. The one thing that made superhero films worth the watch was the visual effects. However, the visual effects in this film don’t have much aesthetic value, which makes it an even more dull watch.

Screenshot (146)

It is a very “choppy” watch, as there are constant cuts between the past and the present and between multiple events taking place at different locations at the same time, without letting the build up in a particular scene do any significant good.

Hans Zimmer delivers another stunning musical score! It is just surprising how one man delivers one mind-blowing piece of music after another without losing his touch! Although the music at times was used in wrong places and didn’t fulfill the need of the moment.

Screenshot (144)

Zack Snyder doesn’t do a good job behind the camera. This film is extremely disappointing and unlike his other outings like 300 or Watchmen, it isn’t even an all out entertainer!

All-in-all, unless you’re really interested in superhero movies, there’s no need to trouble yourself with seeing it. Just read a basic synopsis online to go into the movies that shall follow in this franchise. All it does is, make a Michael Bay Transformers version of our beloved Superhero!


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