Before Sunrise

Tinsel town has seen many a great writer and director. But few can match the simple brilliance of Richard Linklater.

Linklater has proven time and again that no tale of man flying in a suit can beat the brilliance of life itself. Realistic and simply riveting one of the best films to offer and it sure does set the tone for the films to come. Exceptionally written and executed by the genius behind the camera Before Sunrise is a tale of “love” whose brilliance simple cannot be matched. A chance encounter between two people, the two of them spending time together ultimately falling in love. It’s scenario seen in Hollywood a “gazillion” times. But it has never happened in a nicer, sweeter and a gentler way than in Before Sunrise. There is no hidden agenda here. There will be no betrayals, melodrama, phony violence, or fancy choreography in sex scenes. It’s mostly conversation, as they wander the city of Vienna from mid-afternoon until the following dawn. Nobody hassles them. Before Sunrise is so much like real life – like a documentary with an invisible camera – which will get you remembering real conversations you’ve experienced with more or less the same words. The movie relies heavily on improvisation and the actors do a tremendous job at that. Ethan Hawke gives one of the most memorable performances of his career. You can easily relate with his character. But the real gem here is Julie Delpy. Her performance is honest and she’s an absolute delight to watch. Richard Linklater as always does his job perfectly. The cinematography by Lee Daniels is mesmerising. The camera captures Vienna perfectly making it seem like the third character of the film and all of it is edited beautifully by Sandra Adair.

I could go on and on, about how serenely beautiful the movie is, but to conclude, I’ll say. There’s not much on can say about before sunrise other than it’s a must watch for movies like this only come around once in a lifetime. One of the best romance movies made.


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