Movies That You Haven’t Seen (Maybe), But Should!

Now being from India, this list is going to have quite a few Bollywood Flicks that not many notice, but truly deserve to be seen. Also I plan on including a few other foreign language films (non-English) because those are the ones that aren’t noticed as much as they deserve to. So time to get down to the list!

  • Amores Perros:
    Directed by the man everyone’s talking about, (or at least everyonewas talking about) Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. His first feature film. A brilliant film, in Spanish, by the Mexican director. I’d initially thought it’d be more popular, but after many a discussions, this movie makes the cut!


  • Ugly:
    Now this Bollywood film, by auteur Anurag Kashyap is one not many Indians know about either (even1 though it was screened at Cannes). What sets this film apart, is the brilliant story and the cinematography. It was surely among the best films of the year, in 2014, across all languages and genres!
    (Note: It packs more shock than many a horror film!)

  • The Song of Sparrows:
    1This film, is simply real. It makes you feel, think, why it was you fell in love with cinema in the first place? A gem from Iran, this beauty has been written and directed by one of the finest directors ever, Majid Majidi. Watch it, when you’re feeling happy, or sad, or simply disappointed.
    (Note: This was the first film I’ve seen twice in about a year! That’s how much I loved it!)

  • Magnolia:
    This film has an all star cast, consisting of Oscar Winners, Julianne Moore, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and the person who truly deserved to win an Oscar for his brilliant performance in this particular film, Tom Cruise. So it’s a surprise not many don’t know about it! I too was surprised when a friend told me about it and wondered, how could such a gem stay hidden for so long! It truly is as beautiful, as the flower it shares its name with…..


  • Eyes Wide Shut:
    From the film-making genius, Stanley Kubrick. Many know about his great films, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey or Full Metal Jacket or even on of the finest comedy-satire films of all time, Dr Stangelove! But it’s a shame this film, which is also his last and released very close to his death, isn’t as noticed as it should be. It also features the now split couple, of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in the lead role. Although it’s a bit “weird and creepy“, I find it to be… a masterpiece!


  • The Apu Trilogy:
    This isn’t a single film, but a trilogy. Created by the one of the greatest film makers, across the ages, Satyajit Ray, this film is truly a bench mark of cinema, and deserves to be experienced. Produced on a truly shoestring budget (about US$ 30,000 in 2014) this Bengali masterpiece deserves to be experienced!
    (Note: Wes Anderson too has created a film as a tribute to the legend, Satyajit Ray, in a film I’ll be mentioning later)


  • True Romance:
    I’m not sure if this film isn’t really noticed much, but I include it simply because I was surprised it existed (sounds cheezy, but it’s true). Now, I’ll simply give the particulars of the film and then I doubt I’ll need to tell much about why you should see it. Starring Brad Pitt, Patricia Arquette, Christian Slater. Written by QUENTIN TARANTINO! Music by Hans Zimmer.
    (Note: ‘Nuff Said!)


  • Chungking Express:
    One of the finest to ever grace film! Chungking Express is a beauty of a film. Created, by Wong Kar-wai, (Quentin Tarantino called him the best to come outta China, it’s supposed to mean something ain’t it?) It’s a shame this director and this film, considered by many including me to be his finest, isn’t too well known!


  • The Darjeeling Unlimited:
    This film, is the tribute to Satyajit Ray, that I was talking about. Created by Wes Anderson, a brilliant story, some brilliant acting and a bit of the classic Anderson “madness“!


  • Following:
    I can already hear the Nolan fans beginning to boo this list. BUT! Many of the average movie audiences would have missed out on this brilliant film, by a genius! Shot in black and white, the first film by Nolan is considered by many, to be his best
    (Note: I think he’s a bit over-rated, with his only good films being, Following, Memento and Inception, but then these 3 are enough to put him on the pedestal of greatness!)



4 thoughts on “Movies That You Haven’t Seen (Maybe), But Should!

    • The Prestige is well known compared to these…..
      and personally, I didn’t like it, but then I’m not into the whole Nolan thing…


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