The Song of Sparrows

The Song of Sparrows, a beautifully crafted film. It is an Iranian film, the original title being Âvâz-e gonjeshk-hâ. The true beauty of this film, lies in its simplicity. Which makes me think, what is the point of films? To tell us of tales of planets far, far away. People possessing abilities or object, that we possibly cannot posses. Why did we first fall in love with film when our parents showed us one? Was it so that we could say, “Hoo Haa! I’m Gonna Break That Glass Door”, or was it because we said, “He’s just like me!”? (Now I know there are many who’d hate me for saying what I just said, but that’s my view, of course I’d love to hear other views in the comments too 🙂 .)

This film was my first foray, into Iranian Cinema, on the recommendations of a friend, and after seeing this film, I believe I’m in for the long run.

Majid Majidi, is a great artist. He has truly put in his heart and soul into making this wonderful film. Brilliantly written, artistically directed, The Song of Sparrows, is a gem of a film. Something that sets this film apart, and also something that I’ll be looking for in the other films by Majidi that I see in the future, is that beautifully captured shots, the serene cinematography.

Moving on, to another building block in this beautiful monument, the acting. The film had an able supporting actor, in the form of Hamid Aghazi. The expressions on his face, the brilliantly delivered dialogues, who knows he might just emulate his on screen father as an actor, in the years to come. Reza Naji, the lead actor of the film, delivers an absolutely stunning performance. Everything, from the way he runs, the way he drives, is all in sync with the character and the film. I simply cannot wait, to see this artiste in another film, delivering another  great performance.

In conclusion, The Song of Sparrows, is a brilliant told tale (coming back to a point I’d made earlier) simply, of what makes us human.

Image Credits: IMDb

PS. I might have made mistakes in the names, please notify me about any through the comments 🙂


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