The Permanent Job

One of my friends, Syed Shadan, is a short film maker. This particular one that he’s made, is something I found interesting and worth a share so… here’s a link

The Permanent Job

Now this film, is a take on the Hunger Games, Indian style. Instead of security, here the winner will get a permanent job. Before going any further, I’d recommend you see the film, if you haven’t already or otherwise be warned, spoilers are coming! So what I really liked, about this film, was that it took something that really stood out,  in the Hunger Games, that is, the shaky cam effect, and true to the film used it so much that your head begins to spin. But well, I wouldn’t count that against Shadan, he’s supposed to be making a film that’s a take on the Hunger Games after all. Also the two actors in the film, aren’t superb, but perform the “action sequences” well.

Pretty much the only noticeable thing, that I found wrong with the film, was that if the person had the phone, from which he could make a call, what was the whole point in running after the earphones…

Now, the director here says that he plans to make a second installment, and perhaps may even develop it into a series of 7-10 episodes, but there are some constraints, that prevent him from doing so. Well, whatever his decision, I would surely like a second installment at least in the series, which will for starters do something about the plot hole and then develop into something interesting.


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