Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson is a genius. As simple as that. In an nutshell, Moonrise Kingdom, can be described in a nutshell as an “eccentric pubescent love story”. For it is that and nothing short of it. In fact it’s your normal Bollywood movie, with the couple eloping, the police after their lives, extreme wilderness survival, some lovey-dovey moments between the films lead pair, just there’s better acting, direction, music, the plot holes have been covered etc. In short, it’s what your average Bollywood movie wants to be, but miserably fails.

Now Roman Coppola surely has some movie making genes, that he’s inherited from his father, the cinematic genius, Francis Ford Coppola. Next time I head to the temple, I’ll surely remember to pray that this guy doesn’t go haywire like his old man did later, in his career.

The music, of this film is another thing that stands out, Alexandre Desplat composes yet another beautiful score, as he has done countless times earlier, and of course, still continues to do. One thing that particularly stood out for me was the song, Kaw-Liga by Hank Williams. I just can’t seem to get that song out of my head, it really synced well with the film too.

Adam Stockhausen does a commendable job with the production design. Now the Production design is something we fail to notice many a times, but Wes Anderson ensures that the production design, in his films catches the audience’s eye and leaves them spellbound…

Now to the acting, which played a monumental role in making this beauty of a film, what it is. This film features an ensemble cast, but the lead pair of Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward, were the ones who completely stole the show! They surely have a promising career ahead of them, as they left the on-looker spellbound, with a completely flawless performance. Bruce Willis, has done great films, like this one, Pulp Fiction, The Sixth Sense, but for some reason he always stays in my mind, as the average guy from that action flick.

Edward Norton never ceases to amaze, I’ve seen him don different avatars, in Fight Club, in Birdman, in Moonrise Kingdom itself, and he always puts up a stellar show. Tilda Swindon is easily among the most under-notices actresses of this age, and she shows enough reason to prove my statement in that short cameo like role of hers.

All is all, Moonrise Kingdom, is a beautifully made film, that is truly, and purely Anderson…..


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