The Beyond

Well, the brilliant piece of writing, that you’re about to read, has been written by my friend, Nehaa, and I’m publishing this, although it has no link to movies, as I found it to be beautiful…. and I thought it deserved a share 🙂

“It was all over, I was frustrated, I was done. I stared at the horizon, half hidden by hills. The orange and lilac colors seemed to merge each other, filling the sky with beauty. I decided to end this strife, to give up completely. I decided to float away, or maybe, drown in hopelessness. I pressed my palms on the damp sand and allowed myself to float in the water, slowly and gradually, I was deep into the sea. I gazed at the sky, as it darkened. Soon, it was a distant blur and my eyes closed. My body was engulfed in water and I dived into longing comfort. When I opened my eyes again, a dark entity pulled me and took me towards the shore. Even though I wanted to drown I didn’t whisper a word. The dark entity didn’t have a face, it was a shadow. I inquired, “Who are you?” A cold reply returned, “Death. Longed for me, didn’t you? ” I didn’t say anything, my mind was plainly blank. The dark entity whispered, “Let me take you somewhere, which people refer as the ‘beyond’ .” I simply glided along with death. I was transported to an unknown land. It was filed with trees and flowers. The ocean sparkled at one end. The region was filled with human beings, like me. But, it wasn’t colorful, everything was bland. People senselessly roamed, in their own world. I frowned and faced the dark shadow . “What is this ‘beyond’?” It replied, “This is where I transport people after death. Here, human souls aimlessly roam around, unaware of their surroundings. They live in their respective, private memories.” I asked, “So that’s it? The entire mystery of death…an unknown land with no motive? “, Death replied, “There is no mystery! I am definite, but I cannot diminish the purpose of life. I may be assumed as cruel and ruthless, but I’m just equalizing life by repelling it.” I inquired, with uncertainty shaking my voice, “I have to be live here now?” The dark shadow chuckled, “No, no! It isn’t your time yet. I shall meet you again. This isnt the only place where you may end up. There are more such lands for the dead. Not only lands but a whole different universe.” The conversation ended there, death patted my shoulder and my eyes opened to see the skies once more. My hands groped the moist sand below. I stared for a couple of seconds, in a dreamy haze, and then I got up. Determination to live, filled my limbs, like positive energy. I looked at the rising sun, my faith to live, blazing like one. For now, I knew the cost of life, and also the comfort of death, that is, living in your memories. I got up, for a new start, a new life, surely a better one.

But only death could have had a cruel sense of humour. Only death could see a lifeless, frail body, crawling into the depths of deep blue hues while an identical soul blazed with fire in an entirely different universe. The universe of the dead. Deep down, even Death rebelled reality, to satisfy a dead soul with the hallucination of a new life.”

I have published it completely un-edited, in it’s originality, please do comment about what you felt 😀


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