From Motions, To Emotions…

This is movie, is simply put, us Indians, being honest. Crisp, curt, hard hitting dialogues and punchlines thrown all over the movie, make is the straight-out, no masala, no romance comedy. A great comedy was surely expected, from the director Shoojit Sircar, who simply managed to “wow” everyone with his superbly made film, “Vicky Donor“. Now I haven’t had the fortune, to have experienced too many films, by the stalwart, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, but I have seen his great masterpiece “Golmaal” and Piku reminds me of that film.

Now this film, has a superb ensemble cast on screen, from the “Star of the Ages”, “The Angry Young Man”, Amitabh Bachchan, to the new and promising, Deepika Padukone, who already seems to have carved her name in stone in Bollywood. Irrfan, who seems to have moved on to Hollywood and only returns for such great projects.

Now, to be honest, I’d expected some amount of romance, now after all, it’s a Bollywood movie. But the only chemistry on screen was between the two male leads, the brilliant as ever, Amitabh Bachchan and of course, the perennial breath of fresh air, Irrfan. These two bond beautifully on screen giving some brilliant and unforgettable fits of laughter.

The thing, that makes this movie, isn’t a brilliant out of the world story and hard dialogues which take a lot of grey matter to think about. But simply a couple of people saying the first thing that would come to anyone’s mind, simple, yet something no one does. The screenplay, by Juhi Chaturvedi, is just like everything else in this movie, nothing far fetched, but close to home, for that is where the heart belongs.

The journey, that is Piku, isn’t about the story itself, but the beautiful way, in which the genius that Shoojit Sircar is, presents it. Piku is a serene journey, that all must take, for realisation, and simply for a moment with yourself, and your laughter.

To give an example, of how the movie affected people. In the interval, I asked my dad if I could have some popcorn, but then I felt like having a coke, so I said that I didn’t want to have pop-corn and would rather have coke. My dad says, “Don’t have the popcorn then XD “.

Note for those readers who care, I did get the coke, and along with that, a fever, which delayed my return to blogging…


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