The Feeling of Dissatisfaction That Follows the Failure of Expectations or Hopes to Manifest.

The meaning of that long (make that really long) title is disappointment. This here, it’s a list of some of the movies that were, to put it simply, disappointing. There have been a lot of movies which we had massive expectations from, and kept following it till the day we watched it. And the day since, we’ve been disappointed in the movie, actors, directors and even the entire franchise for making a movie so terrible.
This list contains 11 movies which I felt were the most disappointing and didn’t live up to the expectations we had with it. So here goes (in no particular order).


I’m a huge fan of Psycho thriller and mind-fuck movies, and stumbled across this while searching for some. Seeing that the movie had a decent cast with Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz, I were expecting a nice spend of 137 minutes. Alas, it was in vain. The plot revolving around Lucid Dreaming was fantastic and the story was gripping, but had too many potholes. The music was mesmerizing and Cruise and Diaz acted brilliantly, but failed to pull it off.



Again, expecting a lot out of a dream cast containing Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, this was just a pain. Jolie is one of the best actresses you’ll call for an action movie after the Lara Croft series and other movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Torque, but just fails in this one. Depp, the perfectionist, misses the mark, in a movie, a bit different than his usual. It pains me to see this movie in the filmography of two outstanding actors.

KNOWING (2009)

The movie revolves around a mentally deranged girl, predicting all natural and man made disasters and writing the dates and death count on a paper, which was to be put into a time capsule, to be opened 50 years later. When 50 years later, the time capsule is opened and the paper is given to Nicholas Cage’s son. Later, Cage gets his hand on the paper and cracks the code. Sounds gripping doesn’t it? The ending is completely opposite to the amazing start. Adam and Eve? Wiping human race and starting again? Angels? Wait what?



Ghostbusters, arguably is among the best comedy movies of all time. I wish I could say the same about it sequel. The plot is a little bit off track. The ensemble pulls of their parts, but the jokes now started to get a bit lame and the movie gets a little serious at the middle. There’s a reason Bill Murray refused the third. All I can say is, Nice try Reitman, nice try.

LEGION (2010)

Another one of those apocalyptic movies where god has lost faith in humanity and wants to start over. The plot this time, is a bit more gripping, where gods sends his own Archangels and angels to finish off the human race. Alas, the acting is terrible and the story gets complete disaster and is full of plot holes. Why would saving one child keep the race alive? Why that child, why not any other? Ugh….

IRON MAN 2 (2010)

The expectations with this one were really high. With the addition of Scarlet Johansson, we were expecting a slam dunk by Robert Downey Jr. Alas, this was just like one of those fillers a franchise often pulls off. Mickey Rourke was amazing and did his part. I felt the movie got a bit more focused on Stark vs Hammer industries than the already uninteresting story of how ‘The thing keeping him alive is killing him simultaneously’. Perhaps a little more screen time to Robby and ScarJo might’ve done the job.



It’s almost like everything that Christian Bale touches, turns into magic. But this was one of those failed experiments. Perhaps there are too many historical movies already. And everyone but Bale were out of tune. The storyline was blurry and the music was often missing the spot. And I was waiting for Aaron Paul to shout, “SCIENCE BITCH!” in the middle of the battlefield as even he fails to pull this one off.



This is like one of those sequels which completely destroys a franchise. The Terminator series needed a movie to finish what it started. But this is completely unlike what a Terminator movie is supposed to be. And this one is just full of Humans vs Machines stuff. AND HOW DID YOU EVEN THINK THAT WE WOULD LIKE A TERMINATOR MOVIE, WITHOUT ARNOLD SHWARZENEGGER (Did I spell it right?) In my opinion Terminator Salvation revolved too much around machines and didn’t even give enough space for the ensemble to breathe. If Terminator Genisys is like this one, I’ll keep believing that the Terminator series was a trilogy.



Ah, where do I start with this one? This might’ve made No. 1 but we don’t have any particular order (of course, there are more disappointing ones too). This movie was a big disgrace for DC. The acting was abysmal, Ryan Reynolds was just not fit to play the part of a super hero. They didn’t even use 30% of the powers that Green Lantern is supposed to have and it was a tad more Lovey-Dovey than it should have been. Blake Lively and Mark Strong acted pretty well but again, lacked screen time.


When the trailer for Prometheus released, it got all the Sci-Fi geeks like me drooling. But this was just terrible. Michael Fassbender nailed his part. The confrontation was the part we were looking for and I couldn’t have been more disappointed. A 5 minutes confrontation in which we almost couldn’t understand 60% of the conversation. The concept of ‘Engineers’ was nice but the fact that they created humans but despised them from the moment they created them was a bit ironical. There were a lot of theories tangled with this movie and the fact that this was a prequel to the Horror Sci-Fi master Piece ‘Alien’ got most of us to watch this one and I couldn’t have been more disappointed with the plot holes and the predictable story line.
PS. I was also pretty disappointed by the ending, which seemed pretty abrupt, I guess I’d just expected something more.


GONE GIRL (2014)

Note- This one was added by “The Cap’n” and please direct no hate towards Moviemphetamine as a whole, or any other writer for that matter for this decision.

Let me begin, be honest, ask yourself, was this what you’d expected from the movie? An international best-seller as the source material, DAVID FINCHER directing, quite a bit of a star cast, with Neil Patrick Harris, Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck. I admit, that the movie was well cinematographed, but well, it gets WAY to stretched and Pike’s acting, it’s just too irritating after sometime. Also that extra “fog” of sorts, that’s covering her voice, just makes the feel of the movie, un-likeable. To be honest, it wasn’t a BAD movie, per se, like the others on the list, it’s just that I wanted more!


Well, that’s it, list’s over, thanks everyone for reading. If any of you do not agree with our views, or maybe wish to justify something, you’re free to comment, we’d LOVE to discuss with you guys. Also, do note, that this is just Chapter 1 we’ll have more coming, ’cause it’s just impossible to cover up all of the “The feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest” in just one list, so please, your suggestions would be appreciated.

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– List compiled by Sunb3am

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9 thoughts on “The Feeling of Dissatisfaction That Follows the Failure of Expectations or Hopes to Manifest.

  1. Your list is very interesting, I completely agree with most of the movies on your list I was a little bit disappointed about some, some were just bad bad bad …but I have to say, personally I would remove The Tourist and Knowing…yes those movies were not Oscar winners but I think there were pretty good in the years they’ve been screened!
    I am a huge fan of Iron Man, so I did forgive the one that wasn’t that strong :))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I didn’t write this article, another guy in my group did, so he says,
      The Tourist was good, more like a 7/10 but he thought it was rather overhyped, he had gone in expecting a 11/10 thereby the disappointment.
      Regarding Knowing, he simply H-A-T-E-S that movie, the first 20 minutes apparently are good, following which all hell breaks loose, and it seems as if it’s been written by a twelve year old!
      Switching back to the guy you’re actually conversing with, my view’s always been, “Different People, Different Views” 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • That’s what I like best bout WordPress, I’m talking to some random stranger, liked by just one wish, to share views, and there’s nothing that can stop that…..
      It’s interesting, very interesting!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I read the book “Gone Girl” and really liked it. But something happened to the movie. It started out really well and went on fine till about the last fifth of the show. Suddenly, things got crazy and fragmented and didn’t make much sense. It stretched reality too far. I love a good thriller, but there has to be the possibility of realism. Anyway, enjoyed this post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • *That Feel* when someone just supported you for a decision everyone hates you for taking 😛
      I haven’t read the book, but well from what I can understand, that book was supposed to be a exploration of their marriage, unlike the psychological thriller of sorts, that the movie was. And, I know that many liked her in the role, but for me Rosamund Pike, was an ABSOLUTE disaster in the movie! (I had a kinda sorta celeb crush on her before XD , but now…. -_- )


  3. Purely from a comic book geek POV, Green Hornet(Seth Rogen for real), Daredevil(Just No) and Catwoman(I literally tried to gouge my eyes out after it) are way more deserving of this list than Green Lantern(which still sucks but less than the others)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Green Lantern is included in the list…..
      and don’t worry, more disappointing movies coming, this was just chapter one…… chapter 2,3,4,5 how many ever chapters it takes, we’ll go on!


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