The Classic Fairy Tale, Retold.

A animated movie lover, I went in hoping and praying that the honor of the animated Cinderella would be upheld. I’m pleased to proclaim, that it was indeed a satisfying movie.

Well, to be honest, Cinderella had quite a lot of expectations, an all star cast, being made by Disney and of course, being the favorite tale of many. The movie, its director, Kenneth Branagh and the entire cast, manage to satisfy all of these expectations (however, there’s always room for more). Now, going first to some of the movie’s shortcomings, Branagh and Chris Weitz, two names, who, though famous, haven’t delivered much until today, and Cinderella though probably among their best works, isn’t stunning per se. Even in the acting Lily James lacks at times, though overall, it’s a commendable performance.

Now, coming to the positives in this movie. Patrick Doyle, gives a commendable musical score, though to be honest, it wasn’t anything new, still anything that pleases the ears, is good enough! Sandy Powell, who has already proved her prowess for giving great costumes, does another great job. The Visual Effects too, are (just like in any Disney movie) magical. Finally, coming to the acting, the driving force behind this movie. Cate Blanchett simply steals the show, with a marvellous performance that just drips of evil sadism. A truly power packed show delivered by her. As if we didn’t already love Richard Madden enough as Robb Stark, he’s absolutely stunning and charming, as Prince Charming. You can just never get enough of Helena Bonham Carter, can you? She was at her “crazy best” in this movie too, as the Fairy God-Mother.

All in all, it’s an extremely enjoyable watch, also just a small note, it’s not girly and useless as most of you would think, so leave behind all pretentiousness and go enjoy yourselves a bit!

Rating- 7.75/10

The Cap’n

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