2014 In Film

Well, to be honest, we’re late, we’re damn late, but please do forgive us. After about 3 ( almost 4) months into 2015 and just about the same time into Moviemphetamine’s existence, we’re bringing to you 2014 In Film”. The problem here is that many of our counterparts have already done so. So, we’re abandoning all pretense. Instead of pretending like we’re licensed to select the best of anything, we’re just going to outline our favorites and least favorites and look at the year as a collective film assignment. Well, now cutting the crap and getting you guys down to the stuff you actually came this post for….. (PS. None of this stuff is in any particular order!)


Honorable mentions Nightcrawler and Selma

Birdman- Birdman soars above all with its intelligent writing, Michael Keaton’s performance and it’s cinematography. Throw in some good directing and a strong supporting act by Norton and Stone and you have a winner.


The Grand Budapest Hotel- An ensemble of great actors, Wes Anderson,  a mesmerizing production design and beautiful score. The Grand Budapest Hotel truly is grand.

Whiplash- To put it down simply, Whiplash is a sports movie with music. It has the intensity to put that of a thriller to shame. J.K. Simmons’ performance, well nothing can describe that.


Big Hero 6- Best superhero film of the year. Period.


Ugly- One of Hindi cinema’s best contributions this year. Brilliant cinematography, a harsh slap of reality, simply par excellence.

Ida- This masterpiece from Poland, simply leaves you stunned.

Edge Of Tomorrow- A Scicological thriller, that’s what we’ll call it.


Leviathan- Stunningly shot, brilliantly told. Can you ask for more from a film?

X-Men: Days of Future Past- Well made superhero movie. It comes like a breath of fresh air. (PS. We admit this decision might just be influenced by the presence of Jennifer Lawrence, after all, you can’t blame us for that one, can you?)

Under The Skin- An ending you’ll not forget (yes sure as hell you won’t!). Haunting,troubling and honest. Under the Skin is truly one of the best of the year.


Interstellar- Despite being one of Christopher Nolan’s least impressive movies (yes, we’re ready abused and hated, but we’re not taking that back). Interstellar does manage to impress us to make the cut onto this list. Great cinematography, a Hans Zimmer score, some pretty great (though at times disappointing) acting. Interstellar has it all.

The Imitation Game- Truly, it’s a finely crafted and brilliantly executed film with an enduring message.


The Theory of Everything- The tale of how one of the greatest minds of our generation, fell in love. It’s mainly the acting, that sets this gem apart.

22 Jump Street- “We Jump Street, we ’bout to Jump in yo ass”, (we just couldn’t help but do this). One of the rare sequels, which manage to improve upon the sequel, 22JS, though different from some other movies on this list, deserves to be here, as much as any other!


Boyhood- Okay, being honest, not everyone likes this one, but for us ,Moviemphetamine (though not unanimous), it’s our favorite (this year at least).  


Winters Tale –

 I guess we can say goodbye to Colin Farrel’s career after this movie.

Blended –

It’s Adam Sandler, exotic locations and a premise which sounds interesting. While some may feel it’ll make a good movie, it is actually a recipe for disaster. Better than Jack and Jill but what does that mean anyway.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles –

Leave it to Michael Bay and Co. to ruin anything. That’s what they do here….once again.


Transformers 4 –

(No we ain’t saying nothing ’bout this!)

Saving Christmas –

Why? Just why?




Though we are big fans of Riggan shooting himself this one’s probably going to go the docking scene from Interstellar. (Cinematography is among the few things this film managed to do spot-on)


The ending, Whiplash. Just see this movie, and if you didn’t get goosebumps with that magnificent end, I guess you’re some sort of alien. The music. The emotion. The pure, raw energy that radiated from that scene, just marvelous.




Gone Girl. Gone Girl. Gone Girl

This movie could have been so so good but instead we get a movie which disappoints from every aspect. We expected better from you Fincher.



J.K. Simmons as J.J. Jameson Jr. (another place where he ROCKED!)

J.K. Simmons as J.J. Jameson Jr. (another place where he ROCKED!)

J.K. Simmons just made us love hating him in Whiplash. The sheer energy his performance radiated took the film through and won our hearts.



Who else can it be? Patricia Arquette.
(You want something more to be said, sorry we just can’t describe her performance in words. Watch Boyhood and find out for yourself!)

A Special Mention, for Ellar Coltrane, the boy who rocked, by being simple himself, and has truly shown great promise.


Hasta La Vista for now guys, keep coming back to us Moviemphetamine for more, signing off for now, Team Moviemphetamine! 

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10 thoughts on “2014 In Film

    • WAIT! No 22 Jump Street or X Men DoFP??
      Pokemon was “Gotta Catch ’em all!”
      Our motto is “Gotta Watch ’em all!”
      So keep reading for more movie-ey stuff ( 😛 )
      PS. Do try watching as many of ’em as possible. Most importantly Ugly. It’s the one movie, that actually stunned me, in a long long time. It’s end, it’s just fabulous!


  1. Interesting list… I watched Gone girl, wasn’t really impressed, but I am huge fan of X-Men:)
    I share short movie reviews on my blog, it’s more like a private collection, probably that’s why I enjoy what others write about films!
    I will disagree with your short review of Winter’s Tale, I’ve actually enjoyed the story and the way it was presented, but then again we all have different preferences:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t seen Winter’s Tale, my partner in crime has 😛
      But I guess I’ll see it sometime……
      The list is basically more of a collection of thoughts of 4 people…….
      And X-Men, well it was sad having to choose X-Men over The Winter Soldier but still X-Men deserved the spot!


      • Well, the decision to not put Cap Am on the list caused quite a bit problem in out group, ’cause one of us is an ABSOLUTE marvel cinematic universe fan so…..
        Though it’s good to FINALLY find someone who doesn’t find Gone Girl to be all that great……. mostly I get only showers of abuses for even saying that Gone Girl ain’t good!


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