India’s Next Posterboy ?

If there is one actor, in Bollywood, today who has captured the imaginations and expectations of the classes and the masses alike, it has to be Nawazuddin Siddiqui. For long, Bollywood has been dominated by the “Three Khans”. And the few talented actors like Irrfan, Pankaj Kapur, Jimmy Shergill among others were not noticed much by the common masses. However, in more recent times Siddiqui has broken this barrier between good actors and profitable actors. Not many know that he has the typical “rags to riches” story in actual life. He hails from a poor farmer family and managed to sustain his life in the “City of Dreams”, Mumbai with a lot of difficulty. At one point of time, he even wished to become a badminton player, but couldn’t due an injury ( sounds like it’s just out of a film script right?). Nowaz (as many like to call him) has left no stone unturned to show how versatile an actor he is. There can hardly be any actor, in either Bollywood or even Hollywood for that matter who manages to perform his roles with such passion, such power and such understanding. One of his first roles in a movie was “Sarfarosh” (1999), where he plays the role of a police informant, about terrorist activities. Though not many remember him, however if you ever go on to see either that scene, or the entire movie itself again, you will notice the intensity and how sheerly amazing his performance was in the extremely short role .nwz He followed that with many small roles, yet performed with the same exhilarating mastery over the entire scene in which he was present. In those short cameos, one of his most memorable has to be the one in the song “Emotional Atyachaar” in the movie, Dev D. Who can forget his crazy, energetic, powerful and most of all entertaining antics in the equally crazy, yet “Super Hit” song? He featured in the 2004 movie, Black Friday, but come 2012, which was truly the career defining year. Two internationally, critically acclaimed performances, in the films Patang and Miss Lovely, brought his international acclaim. On the other hand, in the circus that Indian cinema is, his performances in films such as Talaash, Kahaani, Gangs of Wasseypur Parts 1 and 2 brought him wide acclaim from the public and the critics alike. His brilliant rendering of a limping street urchin Temur, and of course the Intelligence Bureau Officer A. Khan chill you to the spine, as you take in how marvellous an actor he is. Siddiqui proved his versatility in the BAFTA nominated 2013 film, “The Lunchbox”, where he played a truly lovable character. Who wanted nothing much from life, except of happiness and of course love from his wife. I do not know about others, but for me knowing that he features in a film is more than enough reason to watch it. The question that arises is, “Will he be India’s next poster boy?” nwz2 -Ayuj Consul, Writer, Moviemphetamine.


2 thoughts on “India’s Next Posterboy ?

    • I assume that you’re saying that it isn’t the correct term to use based upon the fact that he isn’t “posterboy” yet, which is precisely why I have used the term “next” and also, there’s a question mark at the end that signifies that it is open ended. Though you’re absolutely free to disagree…


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