The Peak of Perfection – Gone Girl, A Review

“If someone is unpredictable, then that someone is dangerous, and believe me… that someone is dangerous” These lines beautifully give an essence of the David Fincher masterpiece.

When a man’s wife is missing and he is the prime suspect, the movie seems to have a very straight and simple yet mysterious plot. But, well, this movie is not the case this time. Based on a relatively simple plot at the start the movie is not the same in the end. The complex webs of interwoven plot lines become so tangled at the end that it becomes a super strong story. It is the dream of every director to have such a strong story line to work on and if that story is in the hands of David Fincher…the story is definitely done justice.

Everything related to this movie is perfect. Acting is stellar, the direction is epic, the cinematography is at its peak, soundtrack and screenplay are fantastic. With an overall quick paced editing this (nearly) three hour long epic movie will never cease to amaze you.

This movie will not have a rating because it cannot be even measured on a scale of 1 to 10 or 1 to 5

Just a note to the readers- This article is by Shadan Syed, one of our blog’s core writers, and not by the same writer as the older Gone Girl review, thereby the difference of opinion. So just read both the articles and tell us which opinion do you agree with.

Link to the earlier article –


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