Boyhood – Movie Review

“Any dipshit can take pictures. Art, that’s special.” This one quote, so eloquently illustrates the relation of this movie with the rest of the film industry. Boyhood, it’s not a film, it’s a journey. A journey through the most tumultuous stage of life, boyhood. This journey, filmed by Richard Linklater, it’s his masterpiece. A poignant piece of story-telling, the way it’s filmed it makes your emotions rise and fall, along with that of Mason’s. In the highly unlikely possibility, that Richard Linklater’s position, as one of the foremost directors, of not just our generation, but of all time, wasn’t cemented, it sure is now. I’d say this is ‘the story of half a lifetime, packed into three beautiful hours’. Now moving to one of the greatest factors, in making this movie truly magical, the acting. Ellar Coltrane, the boy, who’s journey has been picturised gives literally, “the performance of a lifetime”. Ethan Hawke, though unimpressive at the start keeps improving and towards the end is truly, brillamente belle. Lorelei Linklater portrays the role, of Samantha, Mason Jr.’s elder sister quite well, though she does show room for improvement. Saving the best for the last, Patricia Arquette. She has this natural ease, this un-intended, unforced perfection in her performance. She can make you smile, with her jokes when young. But, as the time passes, and the wisdom sets in, she makes you think and above all cry. Richard Linklater, he has this Tarantino like flair for music. Both of them geniuses in their own ways, in this regard. While Tarantino chooses music that fits the story, the scene, Linklater does so too, only his music seems to be in symphony with the moments he creates. The stand out song in this movie, had to be “Hero” by “Family of the Year”. In conclusion, Richard Linklater deserves a loud applause, for his beautiful screenplay, some awe-inspiring directing and most of all, for holding his vision for twelve long years. But the true hero of this movie, it has to be Sandra Adair. The editor. Making this beautiful film, was impossible without her, it’d just be twelve years of footage if it wasn’t for her genius. “Life doesn’t give you bumpers. So instead of seizing the moment, let the moment seize you.” And for that, Boyhood deserves a 9.5/10


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