The Fault in Our Stars – Movie Review

If you like romantic movies, well this one may be a bit different. But keep reading to see what it holds for you. If you don’t like romantic movies, and they make you puke, wait a second don’t go away, I am not going to make this review a lovey-dovey affair. The phenomena, that is “The Fault In Our Stars”, makes everyone’s eyes just well up with tears. Well, not for the same reason, in some cases, just the mention of the two “star-lovers” makes them all nostalgic and “Oh! So relatable”, whereas, for others, it’s just a reminder of the rubbish that can be found on bookshelves and on the silver screen these days. So, basically, “The Fault In Our Stars, is your average romantic movie. Let’s be straightforward and realistic, it has a lousy screenplay. The director, Josh Boone, shows promise, however, without a decent screenplay to work upon, he couldn’t save his ship. Now, coming to the one part of this movie, that makes it watchable, the acting.  The one actor, who steals the show is Laura Dern, portraying the enthusiastic, loving mother, of the protagonist. Shailene Woodley gives a commendable performance, and she does show promise, that she is en route to a great career. Ansek Elgort, though makes you fall in love with his character, doesn’t exactly do very well, acting wise. Nat Woolfe truly is the stand out young actor, in this movie. We see Willem Dafoe playing a short, yet important role, giving his best. All in all, it’s a movie, that doesn’t have much to offer. A bad screenplay, cheesy dialogues, okayish directing and some worthwile acting come together, in “The Fault In Our Stars”. Rating- 7.5/10 NOTE- The rating that I give are a ratio, of what the film has done, to what it could’ve done. So even though this film doesn’t stand out, I didn’t expect it to either, that is the reason for the comparatively high rating.


9 thoughts on “The Fault in Our Stars – Movie Review

    • Yea, and truly I can’t understand all the hype around it. Overall, it seemed to be a mediocre movie, though I feel that Shailene Woodley could turn out to be a great actress in the future. Well, at least the day she stops doing movies like maybe Divergent or The Fault in Our Stars.

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    • Yea, thanks for that suggestion, actually sometimes I get to carried away writing.( 😛 )……
      One thing I fail to understand, why does everyone keep coming to the Fault in Our stars review (Just Joking) (I know my jokes are HAWRIBBLE).


      • I just clicked on it because I’m a John Green fan and I was curious about what you had to say, haha! It is definitely easy to get carried away with your writing – try pausing for a moment before you post to edit. It will help! 🙂

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      • Promise you won’t reach out through your device’s screen and kill me when I say, “THAT GUY HE’S TOO OVER RATED”!


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