Whiplash – Movie Review

There are very few movies, that manage to hit you straight at the heart, and Whiplash surely manages to do that.

A powerful movie, packed with some great acting performances, Whiplash is indeed a beautiful movie. The story may seem to be the same old sports movie, with a talented protagonist, and the trainer who has some crazy problem with the protagonist. Tortures the main guy, makes him work hard needlessly, makes everyone hate him so one and so forth. Though of course, the packaging of the “same old sports-movie” with music as the main theme surely gives it a new look.

Now, to the main driving force, which makes this movie a must watch, the acting. Miles Teller gives an amazing performance as the budding musician and the protagonist of the movie, portraying his anger and emotions extremely well. Melissa Benoist too, does justice to the small screen-time that she has. Now, moving to the person who was the life of the movie, J. K. Simmons, who literally stole the show. That man did complete justice to his role and made the screen his own. His performance was so power, so moving, you could actually see those veins just pulsing with rage on his head (looks like being bald can reward you with an Oscar :-P). His portrayal of the cruel, sadistic music conductor, Terence Fletcher, leaves you dumbstruck. There are certainly no words to describe his perfection during those bursts of anger, on screen.

Overall, Whiplash has done a “good job”, although I know there are no two words more dangerous than that. Yet, good directing, a not so great story, one performance of a lifetime come together and give you, Whiplash.

Rating- 8.5/10


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