The Grand Budapest Hotel – Movie Review

Movies like “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, show that there are still faint glimmers of hope left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as, the film industry. Indeed that what these movies provide, in their own modest, humble, insignificant…. oh fuck it!

Directors like Wes Anderson keep alive the hope, that the great movie genre, that is comedy, can still be kept alive. Usually, the Production Design, of a movie, which I admit is no piece of cake, goes unnoticed, however, in this movie, it noticeably adds to the overall enchantment of the tale.

Wes Anderson has truly done a beautiful job, writing and directing this movie. Alexandre Desplat provides yet another stunning, and beautiful piece of music. The acting in this film, isn’t exactly mindblowing, yet is interesting to watch. Ralph Fiennes showed his versatility in this movie, who’d have ever thought, that Lord Voldemort, can make you laugh. Adrien Brody does a great job, as a rich, spoilt brat. Tony Revolori shows great promise in this role and sure is an actor to look out for in the future.

All in all, it isn’t the acting, but the brilliance of Wes Anderson that sets “The Grand Budapest Hotel” apart.
Rating- 8.75/10


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