The Feeling of Dissatisfaction That Follows the Failure of Expectations or Hopes to Manifest.

The meaning of that long (make that really long) title is disappointment. This here, it’s a list of some of the movies that were, to put it simply, disappointing. There have been a lot of movies which we had massive expectations from, and kept following it till the day we watched it. And the day since, we’ve been disappointed in the movie, actors, directors and even the entire franchise for making a movie so terrible.
This list contains 11 movies which I felt were the most disappointing and didn’t live up to the expectations we had with it. So here goes (in no particular order).


I’m a huge fan of Psycho thriller and mind-fuck movies, and stumbled across this while searching for some. Seeing that the movie had a decent cast with Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz, I were expecting a nice spend of 137 minutes. Alas, it was in vain. The plot revolving around Lucid Dreaming was fantastic and the story was gripping, but had too many potholes. The music was mesmerizing and Cruise and Diaz acted brilliantly, but failed to pull it off.



Again, expecting a lot out of a dream cast containing Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, this was just a pain. Jolie is one of the best actresses you’ll call for an action movie after the Lara Croft series and other movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Torque, but just fails in this one. Depp, the perfectionist, misses the mark, in a movie, a bit different than his usual. It pains me to see this movie in the filmography of two outstanding actors.

KNOWING (2009)

The movie revolves around a mentally deranged girl, predicting all natural and man made disasters and writing the dates and death count on a paper, which was to be put into a time capsule, to be opened 50 years later. When 50 years later, the time capsule is opened and the paper is given to Nicholas Cage’s son. Later, Cage gets his hand on the paper and cracks the code. Sounds gripping doesn’t it? The ending is completely opposite to the amazing start. Adam and Eve? Wiping human race and starting again? Angels? Wait what?



Ghostbusters, arguably is among the best comedy movies of all time. I wish I could say the same about it sequel. The plot is a little bit off track. The ensemble pulls of their parts, but the jokes now started to get a bit lame and the movie gets a little serious at the middle. There’s a reason Bill Murray refused the third. All I can say is, Nice try Reitman, nice try.

LEGION (2010)

Another one of those apocalyptic movies where god has lost faith in humanity and wants to start over. The plot this time, is a bit more gripping, where gods sends his own Archangels and angels to finish off the human race. Alas, the acting is terrible and the story gets complete disaster and is full of plot holes. Why would saving one child keep the race alive? Why that child, why not any other? Ugh….

IRON MAN 2 (2010)

The expectations with this one were really high. With the addition of Scarlet Johansson, we were expecting a slam dunk by Robert Downey Jr. Alas, this was just like one of those fillers a franchise often pulls off. Mickey Rourke was amazing and did his part. I felt the movie got a bit more focused on Stark vs Hammer industries than the already uninteresting story of how ‘The thing keeping him alive is killing him simultaneously’. Perhaps a little more screen time to Robby and ScarJo might’ve done the job.



It’s almost like everything that Christian Bale touches, turns into magic. But this was one of those failed experiments. Perhaps there are too many historical movies already. And everyone but Bale were out of tune. The storyline was blurry and the music was often missing the spot. And I was waiting for Aaron Paul to shout, “SCIENCE BITCH!” in the middle of the battlefield as even he fails to pull this one off.



This is like one of those sequels which completely destroys a franchise. The Terminator series needed a movie to finish what it started. But this is completely unlike what a Terminator movie is supposed to be. And this one is just full of Humans vs Machines stuff. AND HOW DID YOU EVEN THINK THAT WE WOULD LIKE A TERMINATOR MOVIE, WITHOUT ARNOLD SHWARZENEGGER (Did I spell it right?) In my opinion Terminator Salvation revolved too much around machines and didn’t even give enough space for the ensemble to breathe. If Terminator Genisys is like this one, I’ll keep believing that the Terminator series was a trilogy.



Ah, where do I start with this one? This might’ve made No. 1 but we don’t have any particular order (of course, there are more disappointing ones too). This movie was a big disgrace for DC. The acting was abysmal, Ryan Reynolds was just not fit to play the part of a super hero. They didn’t even use 30% of the powers that Green Lantern is supposed to have and it was a tad more Lovey-Dovey than it should have been. Blake Lively and Mark Strong acted pretty well but again, lacked screen time.


When the trailer for Prometheus released, it got all the Sci-Fi geeks like me drooling. But this was just terrible. Michael Fassbender nailed his part. The confrontation was the part we were looking for and I couldn’t have been more disappointed. A 5 minutes confrontation in which we almost couldn’t understand 60% of the conversation. The concept of ‘Engineers’ was nice but the fact that they created humans but despised them from the moment they created them was a bit ironical. There were a lot of theories tangled with this movie and the fact that this was a prequel to the Horror Sci-Fi master Piece ‘Alien’ got most of us to watch this one and I couldn’t have been more disappointed with the plot holes and the predictable story line.
PS. I was also pretty disappointed by the ending, which seemed pretty abrupt, I guess I’d just expected something more.


GONE GIRL (2014)

Note- This one was added by “The Cap’n” and please direct no hate towards Moviemphetamine as a whole, or any other writer for that matter for this decision.

Let me begin, be honest, ask yourself, was this what you’d expected from the movie? An international best-seller as the source material, DAVID FINCHER directing, quite a bit of a star cast, with Neil Patrick Harris, Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck. I admit, that the movie was well cinematographed, but well, it gets WAY to stretched and Pike’s acting, it’s just too irritating after sometime. Also that extra “fog” of sorts, that’s covering her voice, just makes the feel of the movie, un-likeable. To be honest, it wasn’t a BAD movie, per se, like the others on the list, it’s just that I wanted more!


Well, that’s it, list’s over, thanks everyone for reading. If any of you do not agree with our views, or maybe wish to justify something, you’re free to comment, we’d LOVE to discuss with you guys. Also, do note, that this is just Chapter 1 we’ll have more coming, ’cause it’s just impossible to cover up all of the “The feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest” in just one list, so please, your suggestions would be appreciated.

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The Classic Fairy Tale, Retold.

A animated movie lover, I went in hoping and praying that the honor of the animated Cinderella would be upheld. I’m pleased to proclaim, that it was indeed a satisfying movie.

Well, to be honest, Cinderella had quite a lot of expectations, an all star cast, being made by Disney and of course, being the favorite tale of many. The movie, its director, Kenneth Branagh and the entire cast, manage to satisfy all of these expectations (however, there’s always room for more). Now, going first to some of the movie’s shortcomings, Branagh and Chris Weitz, two names, who, though famous, haven’t delivered much until today, and Cinderella though probably among their best works, isn’t stunning per se. Even in the acting Lily James lacks at times, though overall, it’s a commendable performance.

Now, coming to the positives in this movie. Patrick Doyle, gives a commendable musical score, though to be honest, it wasn’t anything new, still anything that pleases the ears, is good enough! Sandy Powell, who has already proved her prowess for giving great costumes, does another great job. The Visual Effects too, are (just like in any Disney movie) magical. Finally, coming to the acting, the driving force behind this movie. Cate Blanchett simply steals the show, with a marvellous performance that just drips of evil sadism. A truly power packed show delivered by her. As if we didn’t already love Richard Madden enough as Robb Stark, he’s absolutely stunning and charming, as Prince Charming. You can just never get enough of Helena Bonham Carter, can you? She was at her “crazy best” in this movie too, as the Fairy God-Mother.

All in all, it’s an extremely enjoyable watch, also just a small note, it’s not girly and useless as most of you would think, so leave behind all pretentiousness and go enjoy yourselves a bit!

Rating- 7.75/10

The Cap’n

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2014 In Film

Well, to be honest, we’re late, we’re damn late, but please do forgive us. After about 3 ( almost 4) months into 2015 and just about the same time into Moviemphetamine’s existence, we’re bringing to you 2014 In Film”. The problem here is that many of our counterparts have already done so. So, we’re abandoning all pretense. Instead of pretending like we’re licensed to select the best of anything, we’re just going to outline our favorites and least favorites and look at the year as a collective film assignment. Well, now cutting the crap and getting you guys down to the stuff you actually came this post for….. (PS. None of this stuff is in any particular order!)


Honorable mentions Nightcrawler and Selma

Birdman- Birdman soars above all with its intelligent writing, Michael Keaton’s performance and it’s cinematography. Throw in some good directing and a strong supporting act by Norton and Stone and you have a winner.


The Grand Budapest Hotel- An ensemble of great actors, Wes Anderson,  a mesmerizing production design and beautiful score. The Grand Budapest Hotel truly is grand.

Whiplash- To put it down simply, Whiplash is a sports movie with music. It has the intensity to put that of a thriller to shame. J.K. Simmons’ performance, well nothing can describe that.


Big Hero 6- Best superhero film of the year. Period.


Ugly- One of Hindi cinema’s best contributions this year. Brilliant cinematography, a harsh slap of reality, simply par excellence.

Ida- This masterpiece from Poland, simply leaves you stunned.

Edge Of Tomorrow- A Scicological thriller, that’s what we’ll call it.


Leviathan- Stunningly shot, brilliantly told. Can you ask for more from a film?

X-Men: Days of Future Past- Well made superhero movie. It comes like a breath of fresh air. (PS. We admit this decision might just be influenced by the presence of Jennifer Lawrence, after all, you can’t blame us for that one, can you?)

Under The Skin- An ending you’ll not forget (yes sure as hell you won’t!). Haunting,troubling and honest. Under the Skin is truly one of the best of the year.


Interstellar- Despite being one of Christopher Nolan’s least impressive movies (yes, we’re ready abused and hated, but we’re not taking that back). Interstellar does manage to impress us to make the cut onto this list. Great cinematography, a Hans Zimmer score, some pretty great (though at times disappointing) acting. Interstellar has it all.

The Imitation Game- Truly, it’s a finely crafted and brilliantly executed film with an enduring message.


The Theory of Everything- The tale of how one of the greatest minds of our generation, fell in love. It’s mainly the acting, that sets this gem apart.

22 Jump Street- “We Jump Street, we ’bout to Jump in yo ass”, (we just couldn’t help but do this). One of the rare sequels, which manage to improve upon the sequel, 22JS, though different from some other movies on this list, deserves to be here, as much as any other!


Boyhood- Okay, being honest, not everyone likes this one, but for us ,Moviemphetamine (though not unanimous), it’s our favorite (this year at least).  


Winters Tale –

 I guess we can say goodbye to Colin Farrel’s career after this movie.

Blended –

It’s Adam Sandler, exotic locations and a premise which sounds interesting. While some may feel it’ll make a good movie, it is actually a recipe for disaster. Better than Jack and Jill but what does that mean anyway.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles –

Leave it to Michael Bay and Co. to ruin anything. That’s what they do here….once again.


Transformers 4 –

(No we ain’t saying nothing ’bout this!)

Saving Christmas –

Why? Just why?




Though we are big fans of Riggan shooting himself this one’s probably going to go the docking scene from Interstellar. (Cinematography is among the few things this film managed to do spot-on)


The ending, Whiplash. Just see this movie, and if you didn’t get goosebumps with that magnificent end, I guess you’re some sort of alien. The music. The emotion. The pure, raw energy that radiated from that scene, just marvelous.




Gone Girl. Gone Girl. Gone Girl

This movie could have been so so good but instead we get a movie which disappoints from every aspect. We expected better from you Fincher.



J.K. Simmons as J.J. Jameson Jr. (another place where he ROCKED!)

J.K. Simmons as J.J. Jameson Jr. (another place where he ROCKED!)

J.K. Simmons just made us love hating him in Whiplash. The sheer energy his performance radiated took the film through and won our hearts.



Who else can it be? Patricia Arquette.
(You want something more to be said, sorry we just can’t describe her performance in words. Watch Boyhood and find out for yourself!)

A Special Mention, for Ellar Coltrane, the boy who rocked, by being simple himself, and has truly shown great promise.


Hasta La Vista for now guys, keep coming back to us Moviemphetamine for more, signing off for now, Team Moviemphetamine! 

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India’s Next Posterboy ?

If there is one actor, in Bollywood, today who has captured the imaginations and expectations of the classes and the masses alike, it has to be Nawazuddin Siddiqui. For long, Bollywood has been dominated by the “Three Khans”. And the few talented actors like Irrfan, Pankaj Kapur, Jimmy Shergill among others were not noticed much by the common masses. However, in more recent times Siddiqui has broken this barrier between good actors and profitable actors. Not many know that he has the typical “rags to riches” story in actual life. He hails from a poor farmer family and managed to sustain his life in the “City of Dreams”, Mumbai with a lot of difficulty. At one point of time, he even wished to become a badminton player, but couldn’t due an injury ( sounds like it’s just out of a film script right?). Nowaz (as many like to call him) has left no stone unturned to show how versatile an actor he is. There can hardly be any actor, in either Bollywood or even Hollywood for that matter who manages to perform his roles with such passion, such power and such understanding. One of his first roles in a movie was “Sarfarosh” (1999), where he plays the role of a police informant, about terrorist activities. Though not many remember him, however if you ever go on to see either that scene, or the entire movie itself again, you will notice the intensity and how sheerly amazing his performance was in the extremely short role .nwz He followed that with many small roles, yet performed with the same exhilarating mastery over the entire scene in which he was present. In those short cameos, one of his most memorable has to be the one in the song “Emotional Atyachaar” in the movie, Dev D. Who can forget his crazy, energetic, powerful and most of all entertaining antics in the equally crazy, yet “Super Hit” song? He featured in the 2004 movie, Black Friday, but come 2012, which was truly the career defining year. Two internationally, critically acclaimed performances, in the films Patang and Miss Lovely, brought his international acclaim. On the other hand, in the circus that Indian cinema is, his performances in films such as Talaash, Kahaani, Gangs of Wasseypur Parts 1 and 2 brought him wide acclaim from the public and the critics alike. His brilliant rendering of a limping street urchin Temur, and of course the Intelligence Bureau Officer A. Khan chill you to the spine, as you take in how marvellous an actor he is. Siddiqui proved his versatility in the BAFTA nominated 2013 film, “The Lunchbox”, where he played a truly lovable character. Who wanted nothing much from life, except of happiness and of course love from his wife. I do not know about others, but for me knowing that he features in a film is more than enough reason to watch it. The question that arises is, “Will he be India’s next poster boy?” nwz2 -Ayuj Consul, Writer, Moviemphetamine.

The Peak of Perfection – Gone Girl, A Review

“If someone is unpredictable, then that someone is dangerous, and believe me… that someone is dangerous” These lines beautifully give an essence of the David Fincher masterpiece.

When a man’s wife is missing and he is the prime suspect, the movie seems to have a very straight and simple yet mysterious plot. But, well, this movie is not the case this time. Based on a relatively simple plot at the start the movie is not the same in the end. The complex webs of interwoven plot lines become so tangled at the end that it becomes a super strong story. It is the dream of every director to have such a strong story line to work on and if that story is in the hands of David Fincher…the story is definitely done justice.

Everything related to this movie is perfect. Acting is stellar, the direction is epic, the cinematography is at its peak, soundtrack and screenplay are fantastic. With an overall quick paced editing this (nearly) three hour long epic movie will never cease to amaze you.

This movie will not have a rating because it cannot be even measured on a scale of 1 to 10 or 1 to 5

Just a note to the readers- This article is by Shadan Syed, one of our blog’s core writers, and not by the same writer as the older Gone Girl review, thereby the difference of opinion. So just read both the articles and tell us which opinion do you agree with.

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Boyhood – Movie Review

“Any dipshit can take pictures. Art, that’s special.” This one quote, so eloquently illustrates the relation of this movie with the rest of the film industry. Boyhood, it’s not a film, it’s a journey. A journey through the most tumultuous stage of life, boyhood. This journey, filmed by Richard Linklater, it’s his masterpiece. A poignant piece of story-telling, the way it’s filmed it makes your emotions rise and fall, along with that of Mason’s. In the highly unlikely possibility, that Richard Linklater’s position, as one of the foremost directors, of not just our generation, but of all time, wasn’t cemented, it sure is now. I’d say this is ‘the story of half a lifetime, packed into three beautiful hours’. Now moving to one of the greatest factors, in making this movie truly magical, the acting. Ellar Coltrane, the boy, who’s journey has been picturised gives literally, “the performance of a lifetime”. Ethan Hawke, though unimpressive at the start keeps improving and towards the end is truly, brillamente belle. Lorelei Linklater portrays the role, of Samantha, Mason Jr.’s elder sister quite well, though she does show room for improvement. Saving the best for the last, Patricia Arquette. She has this natural ease, this un-intended, unforced perfection in her performance. She can make you smile, with her jokes when young. But, as the time passes, and the wisdom sets in, she makes you think and above all cry. Richard Linklater, he has this Tarantino like flair for music. Both of them geniuses in their own ways, in this regard. While Tarantino chooses music that fits the story, the scene, Linklater does so too, only his music seems to be in symphony with the moments he creates. The stand out song in this movie, had to be “Hero” by “Family of the Year”. In conclusion, Richard Linklater deserves a loud applause, for his beautiful screenplay, some awe-inspiring directing and most of all, for holding his vision for twelve long years. But the true hero of this movie, it has to be Sandra Adair. The editor. Making this beautiful film, was impossible without her, it’d just be twelve years of footage if it wasn’t for her genius. “Life doesn’t give you bumpers. So instead of seizing the moment, let the moment seize you.” And for that, Boyhood deserves a 9.5/10

The Fault in Our Stars – Movie Review

If you like romantic movies, well this one may be a bit different. But keep reading to see what it holds for you. If you don’t like romantic movies, and they make you puke, wait a second don’t go away, I am not going to make this review a lovey-dovey affair. The phenomena, that is “The Fault In Our Stars”, makes everyone’s eyes just well up with tears. Well, not for the same reason, in some cases, just the mention of the two “star-lovers” makes them all nostalgic and “Oh! So relatable”, whereas, for others, it’s just a reminder of the rubbish that can be found on bookshelves and on the silver screen these days. So, basically, “The Fault In Our Stars, is your average romantic movie. Let’s be straightforward and realistic, it has a lousy screenplay. The director, Josh Boone, shows promise, however, without a decent screenplay to work upon, he couldn’t save his ship. Now, coming to the one part of this movie, that makes it watchable, the acting.  The one actor, who steals the show is Laura Dern, portraying the enthusiastic, loving mother, of the protagonist. Shailene Woodley gives a commendable performance, and she does show promise, that she is en route to a great career. Ansek Elgort, though makes you fall in love with his character, doesn’t exactly do very well, acting wise. Nat Woolfe truly is the stand out young actor, in this movie. We see Willem Dafoe playing a short, yet important role, giving his best. All in all, it’s a movie, that doesn’t have much to offer. A bad screenplay, cheesy dialogues, okayish directing and some worthwile acting come together, in “The Fault In Our Stars”. Rating- 7.5/10 NOTE- The rating that I give are a ratio, of what the film has done, to what it could’ve done. So even though this film doesn’t stand out, I didn’t expect it to either, that is the reason for the comparatively high rating.