The Theory of Everything – Review

The theory of everything, directed by James Marsh and adapted from Jane hawking’s memoir, travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen, does everything right, yet fails to stand out. The main low of this romantic tale is that it tries to do everything by the book. Rather than focusing on Stephen hawking and his genius work like the premise promises, half an hour into the movie the focus completely shifts to his wife and true love, Jane hawking . Had this been the case for the rest of the movie, this “biopic” would have so much better. The mere fact that this a Stephen hawking biopic pushes director James marsh to keep changing perspectives. The movie tries really hard to live up to its title by trying to explore this great genius’ ideas, his emotional side and most of all his struggle with illness. The material is pretty rich but rather than exploring the great man’s life and his works like it intends, The Theory of everything is over all the portrait of a marriage. As for the performances . The lead actors’ portrayal of the couple is the only thing that elevates this movie. Felicity Jones is phenomenal in her role as a helpless wife who while trying to cope with her husband’s illness has to take care of their 3 children. She plays the role of Jane hawking with a certain flair that is difficult to find in modern age actors. As Jane must sometimes literally carry her husband, so does Ms. Felicity carry the movie, knitting her bows, setting her jaw and ration tears of emotion with a proper British aura around her. Eddie Redmayne fits the role of Stephen hawking almost perfectly. Hunched into a wheelchair, the expressions on his face are so lifelike that you’ll fail not to be moved. He communicates his characters feelings with nothing but his eyes. The smile across his face truly brightens up the entire movie. It conveys Stephen’s mischievous wit just like it conveys his intelligence. But in showing the application of that intelligent mind of Stephen hawking, the movie fails. Stephens work is shortened to a few compressed and overly dramatic and ,sometimes, cheesy scenes. The movie has a hard time following science and the supporting actors offer nothing new. This movie is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. This beautifully acted tale of love and marriage is beautifully completed by the subtle background music. The theory of everything cannot exactly be called a conventional biopic but neither is it a love story. Its falls somewhere in the middle. Fortunately for all movie buffs out there it’s made in the classiest way possible and doesn’t fail to move you. If you go in expecting a movie about the life and work of Stephen hawking you may come out disappointed but when viewed as a tale of love/romantic tale and most of all a movie about Jane hawking, the theory of everything doesn’t fail to impress you. 7.5/10 CONSENSUS: THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING IS AN ORDNARY MOVIE ABOUT TWO EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE CARRIED ON THE ABLE SHOULDERS OF ITS LEAD PAIR.


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