Interstellar- Movie Review

Interstellar It seems that Christopher Nolan has become synonymous with awesomeness. And with interstellar he doesn’t disappoint. This movie has Nolan written all over it- epic technical scale, a classy story with strong emotional content, Hans Zimmer’s music and Michael Caine. Written by the directors Brother Jonathan, interstellar is the story of a NASA pilot turned farmer, Cooper (first name is never disclosed) who is recruited once again by NASA to lead a special mission through a wormhole near the rings of Saturn. Early in the movie there’s a scene where cooper and his kids chase an Indian drone through a corn field. From this moment on the visual appeal of interstellar is mesmerizing. Through some physics only theoretically possible, cooper and his daughter Murphy played beautifully by young actress Mackenzie Foy) locate a secret NASA location headed by cooper’s former boss Dr.Brand (Michael Caine) Early on in the film cooper (who by the way is played by Matthew McCaughey) is faced with a dilemma. Whether to go on a mission from which he may not return to save all of humanity or to stay on earth and look after his kids. For some reason not properly explained he chooses to go on the mission. He is joined by Dr. Brand’s daughter Amelia, robot’s tars and chase and a couple of other scientists you don’t really care about. The scene where Cooper goes to say goodbye to his daughter is utterly unconvincing and disappointing. From this moment on interstellar is nothing but mesmerizing. The launch and flight scenes are absolutely breathtaking. Despite advancements in the field of special effects, the visuals used in interstellar are unmatchable. And the music composed by living legend Hans Zimmer goes just perfectly with the tone of the movie. Matthew McConaughey was not up to the mark in the starting and fucked up what could have been a pretty memorable scene but as the movie progresses he just keeps getting better. His performance in the second half is top notch. Anne Hathaway seems unconvincing in her role. Jessica Chastain doesn’t have much screen time but when she does she really is marvelous. But it is Mackenzie Foy-who is a revelation as the young Murphy Cooper- who (sort of) steals the show when she’s onscreen. Rest of the cast are good but offer nothing new. A special mention of tars and chase who are phenomenal. But unfortunately Nolan relies heavily on the emotional content. For people like me it was fine but those who went in expecting a sci-fi epic may come out disappointed. Also the movie is a tad bit longer. Some choppy editing (learn something from Michael Bay guys!) would have solved the problem but sadly that’s not the case. The cinematography is one easily one of the best of the year and captures space brilliantly. The visual effects completely elevate the movie but the best part of the movie is the absolutely mesmerizing background score. Despite its technical brilliance, interstellar is not on par with other Nolan movies. Don’t get me wrong, the movie truly is awesome but it doesn’t live up to the expectations. Somehow the movie feels a bit too mainstream for Nolan. I’m sure all movie buffs will agree. Classy Nolan is a hell lot better than massy Nolan. And sadly this is massy Nolan.

Just for its technical brilliance and background score which is supported by some good acting, interstellar deserves an 8/10


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