The Prestige – Movie Review

There is only one thing, this movie has to say, “Abracadabra”. Well, Christopher Nolan, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale all together, this movie promises to deliver. Though the truth of this movie, does not impress, it’s the way Nolan presents it, that makes all the difference.

For us Indians who’ve endured Dhoom 3, it’ll be tough to believe that it’s based on an English movie, and even tougher to believe that, that movie, is by the great, Nolan. Of course, believing that the movie D3 was based on was good, is the toughest of all. But, I assure you, The Prestige is a must watch. Michael Caine, he seems to be in all Nolan movies now doesn’t he, actually has pretty long a role, to play in this movie. His acting lacked of expressions, but just his mighty presence, is enough for any movie. Hugh Jackman, well this movie, it showed what arguably, his best acting. Chrstian Bale, played his part well, but seemed to lack inspiration. Scarlett Johansson, played her part to perfection, with some superb dialogue delivery and acting.

Well, it seems all of Nolan’s movies, have this theme, obsession. Obsession is literally, what rules this movie. Two men their obsessions, and how those obsessions create further obsessions, for those around them. An obsession for revenge, an obsession to be the better one, an obsession for redemption. An obsession, to be the best.

To be honest, in the end, you ask yourself, “Was I watching closely?” There’s that voice inside you, thinking when will this end? How will this end? But then, you don’t want it to end. For the sheer brilliance that this movie represents, I give it a 8/10.


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