The Interview – Movie Review

The Interview, well this movie and it’s run in with “They Who Shall Not Be Named”, already left us “honeydicked” enough to be curiously awaiting it’s release. So did its short lived 10 out of 10 rating on IMDb. Well, not 10 upon 10 high, but this movie truly was a sensation.

A different, a calmer take on the DPRK’s “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong-Un, The Interview, was filled with brilliant imagination, some classy acting, and well timed pun and wit. Well, first of all, imagining how it’d be inside “the most dangerous and unpredictable country in the world”, it must’ve been a taken quite a bit of those little grey cells, so applause for Rogen and Goldberg for it. This movie, it brings out another, perhaps a deeper, hidden side of Mr. Kim.

The acting, by James Franco, was inspirational, he might not have been as great, as he was in either, the Spiderman trilogy, or in 127 Hours, but he was amazing. Randall Park, well his performance in this movie, is fantabulous, awe-inspiring. His portrayal of the Supreme Leader, is adorable, hateable and obviously, yet controversially one to be remembered. Seth Rogen’s directing was laudable, but his acting, it wasn’t up to the mark.

With some great story, bundled in with a great deal of imagination Some wonderful acting. Mostly, especially because of the pressing modern day issue it takes up and the fearless, gutsy way it deals with it. This movie has shown us what it’s worth, it truly is a firework. The Interview deserves an 8 out of 10.

Note- The Rating on my review is a ratio of what the movie HAS done, to what it COULD HAVE done.


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