How To Train Your Dragon – Movie Review

9 stars out of 10
This movie, shall long be seen, as a benchmark for making animated movies, or any movie for that matter. A true masterpiece. A true inspiration. This movie, it takes the classic, “Follow Your Dreams” theme, to a completely different level.

Hiccup along with his minor hiccups turning into the hero of Berk, this journey is chronicled in a movie, truly worth of the title, “A Scandinavian Epic”. All these characters, they make you fall in love with them over and over again. It tickles your funny bone, and makes you cry buckets, it makes you heart pump faster than Usain Bolt and then has some soothing enjoyable moments too. It’s just like a mocktail, layered with different flavors, all in perfect proportion and in the perfect order.

What can i say, but “This is Berk, it’s 98 minutes of awesomeness, and a lifetime of memories. It is located solidly on the Peak of Greatness. In a word? EPIC. It’s been there for a couple o’ years, but every moment, fresh. It has laughs, cries, thrills and a great set of characters. Most movies have overtly ambitious plots and needless twists. But this one, it has CLASS!”


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