Gone Girl – Movie Review

Gone Girl

Directed by David Fincher, an all star cast, of Neil Patrick Harris, Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, based on an international best-seller, well this is truly enough to generate an enormous amount of hype around a movie.

David Fincher’s take on a modern marriage, based on Gillian Flynn’s novel of the same name, does not live up to the expectations. In fact, if you’ve seen “Fight Club”, you may even feel, “What has happened, to this great director?”. But, is it truly his fault? The story in its summary my seem engrossing and mysterious, but anyone with half a brain can easily decipher it.

Surprisingly enough, Carrie Coon and Kim Dickens stole the show, with some wonderful acting. But any amount of effort on the hands of these two couldn’t save the sinking ship. Mediocre performances, by Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris and an absolute disaster by Pike ruined what could’ve been a better movie.

And then, the plot it only leaves you with one question, “So many twists, WHY?” and okay if you love twists, but this movie, it takes the twist crumples it, throws it in the garbage, lets it rot there for a few days and then presents it.

This movie, is truly as ruined, as the quintessential modern American marriage that it portrays. The couple of excuses, to see this movie are, if you’re a crazy Affleck fan, for his okayish performance or if you’re a die-hard Fincher fan, just for the sake of completing your collection of seeing his movies. And, if you fit into neither of these categories, I’d strongly recommend you to avoid it.

Well if you have the had the bad luck of seeing it, after the movie, ask yourself, “What was I thinking? How am I feeling? What have I Dunne to myself? What will I do?”

So finally, a sign of respect, to Fincher, and the two ladies who tried their best, I give this movie a 6.5 out of 10.


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