Fight Club – Movie Review

I feel Fincher’s older exploits, were much better, when compared to the more recent ones and Fight Club, can be called the one movie that defines this.

Fight Club, it’s a delicacy to be savoured, undisturbed, in complete calm. The taste, it just begins to mingle with your taste buds, and every bite, just makes it better. It has this everlasting freshness in it. The adrenaline in your body continues to pace faster and faster, and towards the end, the movie takes your mind and just rips it apart to shreds.

I can only say “David Fincher, you are a CRAZINIUS!”. This movie, it takes us down to who we are, it explores the basic mind of a human being an average office worker. The dreams and aspirations of each and every human being. It shows what any random human being is capable of doing any person, even one among the millions, we brush past while walking on the street everday. This “Meierstruck”, it shows what a single, simple, yet crazy idea can grow to.

The truth, ”The things you own end up owning you.”


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