The Prestige – Movie Review

There is only one thing, this movie has to say, “Abracadabra”. Well, Christopher Nolan, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale all together, this movie promises to deliver. Though the truth of this movie, does not impress, it’s the way Nolan presents it, that makes all the difference.

For us Indians who’ve endured Dhoom 3, it’ll be tough to believe that it’s based on an English movie, and even tougher to believe that, that movie, is by the great, Nolan. Of course, believing that the movie D3 was based on was good, is the toughest of all. But, I assure you, The Prestige is a must watch. Michael Caine, he seems to be in all Nolan movies now doesn’t he, actually has pretty long a role, to play in this movie. His acting lacked of expressions, but just his mighty presence, is enough for any movie. Hugh Jackman, well this movie, it showed what arguably, his best acting. Chrstian Bale, played his part well, but seemed to lack inspiration. Scarlett Johansson, played her part to perfection, with some superb dialogue delivery and acting.

Well, it seems all of Nolan’s movies, have this theme, obsession. Obsession is literally, what rules this movie. Two men their obsessions, and how those obsessions create further obsessions, for those around them. An obsession for revenge, an obsession to be the better one, an obsession for redemption. An obsession, to be the best.

To be honest, in the end, you ask yourself, “Was I watching closely?” There’s that voice inside you, thinking when will this end? How will this end? But then, you don’t want it to end. For the sheer brilliance that this movie represents, I give it a 8/10.


The Interview – Movie Review

The Interview, well this movie and it’s run in with “They Who Shall Not Be Named”, already left us “honeydicked” enough to be curiously awaiting it’s release. So did its short lived 10 out of 10 rating on IMDb. Well, not 10 upon 10 high, but this movie truly was a sensation.

A different, a calmer take on the DPRK’s “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong-Un, The Interview, was filled with brilliant imagination, some classy acting, and well timed pun and wit. Well, first of all, imagining how it’d be inside “the most dangerous and unpredictable country in the world”, it must’ve been a taken quite a bit of those little grey cells, so applause for Rogen and Goldberg for it. This movie, it brings out another, perhaps a deeper, hidden side of Mr. Kim.

The acting, by James Franco, was inspirational, he might not have been as great, as he was in either, the Spiderman trilogy, or in 127 Hours, but he was amazing. Randall Park, well his performance in this movie, is fantabulous, awe-inspiring. His portrayal of the Supreme Leader, is adorable, hateable and obviously, yet controversially one to be remembered. Seth Rogen’s directing was laudable, but his acting, it wasn’t up to the mark.

With some great story, bundled in with a great deal of imagination Some wonderful acting. Mostly, especially because of the pressing modern day issue it takes up and the fearless, gutsy way it deals with it. This movie has shown us what it’s worth, it truly is a firework. The Interview deserves an 8 out of 10.

Note- The Rating on my review is a ratio of what the movie HAS done, to what it COULD HAVE done.

PK – Movie Review

“It is easier to find men volunteering to die, rather than one willing to bear pain with patience.” Well, Rajkumar Hirani and his fans come in the second lot. Five years into the making, PK, the much awaited movie is finally here.

With the Dynamic Duo, of Rajkumar Hirani and Amir Khan, together what else, but a blast can be expected? And a blast was delivered, both literally and figuratively, but for the sake of the “SPOILER POLICE”, let’s not dwell on that. A truly comic movie, PK, takes the quintessential “Bolly Twist” to a whole new level.

Well, after waiting for a long, long time, finally a movie without much dwelling on the romantic angle has been delivered. And yes, the movie is truly worthy of the hype generated around it with all those exciting promos. A brilliant storyline, a powerful message and some brilliant acting truly a dream package for any movie.

“Oh My God!” was truly a revolution, bringing in a new theme of movies, mocking the unnecessary divisions and superstitions prevalent in our country. But of course, there were certain weak spots. Well these seem to have been covered pretty well, by PK.
The common, god-fearing Indian, when faced with an outsider, who wishes to KNOW, what this religion is? To know HOW can this person, we call our “father” our “creator” ask us to do something, that is completely out of this world, in his name.

But then as everything does, PK has its weaknesses. A storyline that’s pretty much, “Outta this world”. And a few more inexplicable events.

Finally, those who want something better than 3 Idiots I’d suggest you not waste your money for this movie. Though it provides all the laughs and the harsh realities, there’re something not just REAL enough.
So kudos to Rajkumar Hirani and his excellent team, with great costume design and overall great performances, especially, by Saurabh Shukhla. The collective effort, gets this movie a 7.5 out of 10.

But then if you don’t fall in love with this movie, I’ll only want to ask, “Tu Peekay Hai ke?”

Gone Girl – Movie Review

Gone Girl

Directed by David Fincher, an all star cast, of Neil Patrick Harris, Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, based on an international best-seller, well this is truly enough to generate an enormous amount of hype around a movie.

David Fincher’s take on a modern marriage, based on Gillian Flynn’s novel of the same name, does not live up to the expectations. In fact, if you’ve seen “Fight Club”, you may even feel, “What has happened, to this great director?”. But, is it truly his fault? The story in its summary my seem engrossing and mysterious, but anyone with half a brain can easily decipher it.

Surprisingly enough, Carrie Coon and Kim Dickens stole the show, with some wonderful acting. But any amount of effort on the hands of these two couldn’t save the sinking ship. Mediocre performances, by Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris and an absolute disaster by Pike ruined what could’ve been a better movie.

And then, the plot it only leaves you with one question, “So many twists, WHY?” and okay if you love twists, but this movie, it takes the twist crumples it, throws it in the garbage, lets it rot there for a few days and then presents it.

This movie, is truly as ruined, as the quintessential modern American marriage that it portrays. The couple of excuses, to see this movie are, if you’re a crazy Affleck fan, for his okayish performance or if you’re a die-hard Fincher fan, just for the sake of completing your collection of seeing his movies. And, if you fit into neither of these categories, I’d strongly recommend you to avoid it.

Well if you have the had the bad luck of seeing it, after the movie, ask yourself, “What was I thinking? How am I feeling? What have I Dunne to myself? What will I do?”

So finally, a sign of respect, to Fincher, and the two ladies who tried their best, I give this movie a 6.5 out of 10.

Fight Club – Movie Review

I feel Fincher’s older exploits, were much better, when compared to the more recent ones and Fight Club, can be called the one movie that defines this.

Fight Club, it’s a delicacy to be savoured, undisturbed, in complete calm. The taste, it just begins to mingle with your taste buds, and every bite, just makes it better. It has this everlasting freshness in it. The adrenaline in your body continues to pace faster and faster, and towards the end, the movie takes your mind and just rips it apart to shreds.

I can only say “David Fincher, you are a CRAZINIUS!”. This movie, it takes us down to who we are, it explores the basic mind of a human being an average office worker. The dreams and aspirations of each and every human being. It shows what any random human being is capable of doing any person, even one among the millions, we brush past while walking on the street everday. This “Meierstruck”, it shows what a single, simple, yet crazy idea can grow to.

The truth, ”The things you own end up owning you.”

How To Train Your Dragon – Movie Review

9 stars out of 10
This movie, shall long be seen, as a benchmark for making animated movies, or any movie for that matter. A true masterpiece. A true inspiration. This movie, it takes the classic, “Follow Your Dreams” theme, to a completely different level.

Hiccup along with his minor hiccups turning into the hero of Berk, this journey is chronicled in a movie, truly worth of the title, “A Scandinavian Epic”. All these characters, they make you fall in love with them over and over again. It tickles your funny bone, and makes you cry buckets, it makes you heart pump faster than Usain Bolt and then has some soothing enjoyable moments too. It’s just like a mocktail, layered with different flavors, all in perfect proportion and in the perfect order.

What can i say, but “This is Berk, it’s 98 minutes of awesomeness, and a lifetime of memories. It is located solidly on the Peak of Greatness. In a word? EPIC. It’s been there for a couple o’ years, but every moment, fresh. It has laughs, cries, thrills and a great set of characters. Most movies have overtly ambitious plots and needless twists. But this one, it has CLASS!”